Helpful Resources for Expedited Passport Processing
Whether it's your first time applying, you need to renew, or want to get a passport for your child, the resources below will prepare you to apply for a new U.S. passport. We encourage you to carefully read and follow all instructions to avoid delays in processing.


Please provide ONE form of evidence of child's relationship to Parent(s)/ Legal Guardian(s):

Note: If one or both of the parents' names have changed since the issuance of the child's birth certificate or other proof of relationship, legal evidence of the parent's name change must be presented, such as marriage certificate(s), divorce decree(s), court documents, etc.

Please provide:

Official US Birth Certificate of your child (with parent's names)

Or, one of the following:

Original Court Order Establishing Guardianship
Original Court Order Establishing Custody
Original Adoption Decree (with adopting parents' names)
Form FS-240 or Form DS-1350(with parents' names)
Foreign Birth Certificate (with adopting parents' names)