Helpful Resources for Expedited Passport Processing
Whether it's your first time applying, you need to renew, or want to get a passport for your child, the resources below will prepare you to apply for a new U.S. passport. We encourage you to carefully read and follow all instructions to avoid delays in processing.
Follow these steps to process your

Passport Renewal

Passport Renewal Instruction Video.

Watch Video (7:15)
Watch the instruction video.

Please watch the instruction video above.

Complete Passport Application Form

Complete and print the online application form DS-11 now by clicking on the link below.

Complete DS-82 Form
  • Do Not mail this form to the National Passport Center but to APVI
  • After completing and printing this form, please close the window and return to the passport instructions
Download Checklist.

Download your document checklist to help you organize the list of requirements.

Download Checklist
  1. DS-82 Application for Passport Renewal
  2. Expired or Expiring U.S. Passport
  3. Proof of Travel (click here for more information)
  4. One Passport Photo (click here for more information)
  5. Government Fees: Check or money order payable to U.S. Department of State for $170.00 if applying for a Passport Book only or $200.00 if applying for a Passport Book and Passport Card. (click here for more information)
  6. Authorization Letter and Shipping Label: These items will be provided by APVI
APVI will contact you.

You will be contacted by a Passport Specialist in the next 60 minutes (within business hours),
if you do not hear from us, please call (800) 766-0452

You must call in order to receive all additional documents and mailing instructions.

Ship your Application using FedEx.

Please send the sealed envelope with all the required documents to our office using the APVI provided FedEx air bill.


That's all, you are done! We will take care of everything else.