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Kick the Winter Blues: 8 Unexpected Chinese Sites Full of Bright & Shiny

By Brittany Dismuke, on November 13, 2018

Between the cold weather and current events, there can be plenty to have you feeling down in the winter season. If you are looking for a bit of an escape, why not China? There are actually quite a few bright and shiny places to be discovered and surely will help lift your mood!

Called China’s “Red Land” the images alone evoke all sorts of warm feelings. The vibrant colors and relaxing patterns of the crops have a very soothing quality. The palette of colors are caused by oxidized iron that saturates the soil in this area. The area itself is without much organization, which has left it underdeveloped, but also allows for the miss mash of crops and colors that make it so unique.    

Bund Tunnel 
This five-minute psychedelic tunnel goes under a river to connect two sections of the Pudong District, and is very bright and shiny. The tunnel uses special effects to make a memorable multimedia experience.  The train compartments allow for 360 views of the tunnel, while surround sound sets the mood for the scenery changes.

What a beautiful place, who wouldn’t feel better after a trip to this award winning aquatic kingdom? Home to one of the world’s largest marine theme parks, over 20,000 species of fish, one of the world’s longest roller coasters, a polar themed water coaster, a marine parade and a performance including lights and projections, lasers, and fireworks, this is truly a one of a kind place!  

Take a bit of a different spin on the bright and shiny theme with a visit to the Golden summit Temple.  Located on top of a mountain, this statue is 48 meters high and has faces that look in ten directions one for each of the Bodhistattva’s “Ten Truths of Universal Worthiness.” Take in the beautiful landscape and gain some inner peace in this sacred space. 

The Da Shuhua festival in Tangshan, China is the epitome of this theme. The festival grew out of a 12th century tradition for making a poor man’s firework, as only the rich could afford them. Blacksmiths would heat iron and on a winter’s night throw it against a stone wall causing the iron to explode into a thousand sparks like fireworks that resemble a flower. This flower shape is what gives the festival its name “tree flower.” Such a magnificent display of human creativity should brighten anyone’s day. 

What about a giant neon ferris wheel built above a bridge doesn’t make you smile?  Hang out almost 400 feet in the air and for the 30 minute ride and get a great view of the landscape. Even if heights aren’t your thing, the brightly lit display should be enough for a grin. 

This destination may seem a little out of place, but the good feels of this LGBT club will warm even the coldest grinch. Bright and full of color it is one of the most popular dance clubs in Beijing for locals and tourists of all sexualities. It is not just a club, but also houses a dance studio, lounge, art gallery, café AND HIV-Testing center. 

Also known as “the palace of natural arts” this 180-million-year-old natural limestone cave has been attracting visitors for over 1200 years! The reeds used in flute making grow outside, thus giving it is name. The cave is lit with multi-colored lights making it an even more awe-inspiring experience to view the formations as well as the more than 70 inscriptions that date back as far as 792 AD. Being in a place that was visited by people for hundreds of years can really give you a sense of a bigger purpose and inspire you. 

Even if you don’t make this into a full tour, hopefully you can add on a bit of bright and shiny to your next trip to China! If you need assistance with your travel visa for China, please visit to apply for one and we will make sure you get the assistance you need and deserve. 

Brittany Dismuke

About the Author

Brittany is a Passport and Visa Specialist at APVI. 


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