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6 Travel Essentials That Won’t Weigh You Down!

By Brittany Dismuke, on February 9, 2019

Planning your next getaway or business travel? It is never too early to think about your packing list! Whether a casual vacationer, an adventure traveler, or a business class regular, you will be sure to find room for these essentials. All items are on the list are reusable, making sure you get the most bang for your buck! 

1. SCARF: 

There are plenty of blanket scarfs available online, 
the one pictured here ($15.99) is from Amazon

A scarf’s versatility makes it a literal must have for traveling, regardless of temperature or location it has so many uses! A large blanket scarf can be used on an airplane balled up as a billow, wrapped around your shoulders, or over your lap as a blanket. You can use it when out and about as an actual scarf, picnic blanket, head covering for religious sites, a sarong, or even a towel in a pinch. Added bonuses: They take up no space since you can wear it on the plane and they are easily cleaned  


This option is small with great reviews ($32).

An external battery backup can be a life saver, and not just for your tech. Having a phone or device go dead with your itinerary, translations, or other important data, could be not only annoying but dangerous! The market is flooded with tons of options, many are small and fit easily into purses, pockets, or carry-on’s, but are packed full of hours of juice for your devices.


For $24 this Universal Plug has adapters for multiple countries, 
dual outlet types, and surge protection!

Ever traveled internationally, arrive at your cozy Airbnb, only to realize that of the five in your group there are only two and a half universal plug adapters between you? Just me? Learn from my mistake and don’t spend your vacation rotating five phones between two outlets. No amount of back up batteries will help if you have no way to even charge your backups!  


This $18 six-pack has great reviews and has 
two complimentary colored sets in each pack.

How do packing cubes even work? Somehow when organizing your clothes in packing cubes, you can turn an over-stuffed suitcase full of things into a suitcase with room to spare and Marie Kondo’s seal of approval. It must be magic. Regardless, they save you a ton of space and keep your clothes and other items neat and separate for when you arrive at your destination. Using packing cubes can also help you pack smarter while you are segmenting your items into the cubes! Maybe you take more notice of what you are packing when using the cubes, rather than just wildly throwing random things in your suitcase…not that you do that.  


Who wouldn’t spot this cutie pineapple luggage tag 
immediately? Yours for under $7!

A bright luggage tag is immensely helpful in making your luggage easily identifiable and it takes up no space just hanging from your bag handle. Realizing that you watched your bag go around three times before recognizing it, is pretty bad, but having your luggage rolling off into the sunset while you are left with its identical twin with someone else’s belongings is much worse. 


Pretty much anywhere you travel you will need some sort of travel document, and luckily, they take up little space. For US Domestic flights a valid government issued ID is required. International flights require a US Passport, and depending on the location, a travel visa may also be required for departure. To check if your destination requires a travel visa, check out the Department of State website for more information. If you require your US Passport or travel Visa fast, visit to get started online today! Our Specialists excel in customer service and review all your documents for accuracy before submission, saving you time and money preventing additional submissions and processing fees!

Brittany Dismuke

About the Author

Brittany is a Passport and Visa Specialist at APVI. 


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