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Places to Visit: Fascinating Umbrella Streets

By Sarah V. Hines, on March 23, 2020

When looking for interesting travel places to add to my bucket list, there are a couple of themes I tend to come back to. I love hiking through woods, for example. Also, exploring large buildings with old architecture and art can keep my attention for hours at a time. Possibly one of my favorite things to look for are interesting streets. Small streets with hundreds-of-years-old buildings, housing cafes, local bookshops, and vintage jewelry stores make me feel insulated from the busy chaos of a major city like Washington, D.C., which I call home.

As such, it’s no surprise that one of my top places to visit are the umbrella streets. You’ve probably seen pictures of them all over Instagram: narrow streets that are covered completely by hundreds of umbrellas strung up overhead. Some places use bold, bright umbrellas, others opt for pastels that catch the light, but all of them make the street even cozier (and provide much-appreciated shade during the warm months) as you explore. Below are some of the places you can find these umbrella streets, as well as other things to discover while you’re there.

Bucharest, Romania


Absolutely overflowing with things to do, Bucharest is a must-see for anybody interested in European history or architecture. The street to find is the café lined Pasajul Victoriei. You’ll find the street to be small, but the sunlight through the various colored stripes of the umbrellas overhead will make you feel as though you’re walking through a kaleidoscope. While in Bucharest, be sure to also check out the Museum of the Senses, an interactive museum that plays with your perception of sight, sounds and smells as you explore.

Novigrad, Croatia


Out of all the possible places to visit in Europe, Croatia is near the top of my list. The country holds incomparable beauty and vibrant culture no matter what area you explore. If you are looking for a small community, however, Novigrad is a great choice. As a traditional fishing community, it proudly hosts its Gnam Gnam Festival multiple times a year at its town harbor, showcasing local dishes, oils, and wines. Visitors will also become acquainted with traditional Croatian music and dance as well. To see the umbrellas, make your way over to Veliki Trg.

Malang, Indonesia


The village of Kampung Jodipan was known as a struggling slum of Indonesia. When a group of students from the nearby Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang visited with the task of brightening up the streets of the village, they took the job very seriously. Today, the village is referred to as Kampung Warna-Warni Jodipan (or, “Village of Color Jodipan”). Every street, building, and wall is painted in vibrant patterns of colors and shapes. On one street through the village, bright umbrellas complete the view of rainbows and gradients. The impact that this work had was fantastic; Kampung Jodipan quickly became a popular tourist location in Indonesia, with residents selling snacks and drinks to tourists. 

It’s no secret that every city has its hidden gems. It’s often found on its old streets and walkways. Finding these umbrella streets often brings you to the old charm of a city waiting to be discovered by tourists and locals alike. 

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Sarah V. Hines

About the Author

Sarah V. Hines is a writer and former visa specialist. She lives in Washington, D.C. with her cat and her tablet. She is the author of the Siren Tragedies series. Her debut novel, Hubris: Book One of the Siren Tragedies, is available on Amazon Kindle.


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