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Travel to Morocco

By Erin Rutherford, on July 25, 2022

Travel to Morocco!


 Safr lmghrib!


It’s been around two and a half years since our world and everything in it has been marked by the COVID-19 pandemic. Traveling now might seem intimidating at first because it’s different from what we are used to pre-pandemic. Now that borders are opening up more and more, let’s see what countries we can travel to that have easy protocols for entry! 

First stop: Morocco 

Did you know that in 1777 Morocco became the first country to formally recognize the US as a newly independent country? 

Also, did you know that in 1786, the Moroccan-American Treaty of Friendship was signed? This treaty has lasted more than 234 years, making it the longest unbroken treaty relationship in United States history! 

Moroccan culture is so welcoming and vibrant, and the people are some of the nicest people! Some foods you have to try are harira, baghrir, msemen, tagine and the classic Moroccan mint tea. The local language is a dialect of Arabic called Darija.

Now, let’s take a look at what you need to travel...

COVID-19 Travel Protocol: 

 (these do not apply to children under 12)

You must have either: 
    1. Valid COVID-19 vaccine passport 
    • Administration of 3 doses
    • If you only have the first 2 doses, the administration time of 2nd dose cannot exceed 4 months before the travel date 
    • 1 Johnson & Johnson dose counts as 2 doses of other vaccines
    2. A negative result of PCR test
    • Less than 72 hours between sampling & boarding 

    Erin Rutherford

    About the Author

    Erin is a Passport and Visa Specialist at APVI! 


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